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Nick Hernon

27 March 2023

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be able to play golf very well without having sturdy bags to hold all of our equipment. Imagine having to juggle your clubs, balls, tees, clothing, and other gear over 18 holes—it would be a total nightmare! Golf is hard enough to play without having to pick up a dropped ball or club every five steps. Thankfully, modern golf bags are available to handle our every golf need, from storage to portability.

But how do you find the golf bag that’s perfect for you? With so many options available it can make your head swim. We all have preferences, for example, if you regularly play on links courses having a fully waterproof bag might be a priority for you. We’re going to break golf bags down by considering the various features they offer so that you can decide on what to go for and what to avoid. Focusing first on their two broad forms, cart and stand bags.

Sun Mountain know that different bags suit different golfers and have a whole range to choose from: Including the Eco-Lite EWP cart bag range, and the Eco-Lite EWP stand bag range.


The Eco-Lite EWP Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP cart bag
Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP cart bag

Would you be surprised to learn that when we sent out a customer survey, we found out that 85% of readers use a trolley to play golf? If you include yourself in that number, you’ll be looking for an ideal cart bag to fit to your trolley.

It can be tough carrying all your gear for 18 holes and while it may take some small assembly, having everything securely attached to a trolley will save you any potential back pain.

Cart bags like the Eco-Lite EWP cart bag have grab handles so you can get them on and off any trolley with ease. If you do need to carry it, this bag also has a dual strap system so that while it’s big, you can still move it around comfortably.


Eco-Lite EWP cart bag features and storage

As we’ve hinted at already, you’re going to want a bag that keeps your gear protected from the weather. The Eco-Lite EWP cart bag is designed specifically for this. EWP stands for Enhanced Weather Protection, and this bag is incredibly sturdy.

This cart bag has a water-resistant polyester fabric and waterproof zips to ensure no moisture leaks through and damages your possessions. A rain hood is included which when applied to your bag will guarantee protection of your clubs.

When it comes to storage, this bag has a total of eleven pockets, including a velour-lined valuables pocket, a large apparel pocket, accessory pockets, cooler pocket, and rangefinder pocket. Simply put you’ll have ample space for everything you could need during your round The top has a 14-way divider so each club has a designated slot and they won’t rattle together when it’s moving.


The Eco-Lite EWP stand bag

Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP 4-way stand bag
Sun Mountain Eco-Lite EWP 4-way stand bag

If you don’t fancy the idea of getting a trolley together every time you play and just want to head straight for the tee, the Eco-Lite EWP 4-Way stand bag is incredibly uncomplicated. The bag is made to be super lightweight and portable, hence the name Eco-Lite.

Like most stand bags, it has an easy-use leg mechanism whereby when pressure is applied to the base, two legs extend so that when you’re resting your bag on the ground it ‘stands’. This bag also has a grab handle so you can move it swiftly. Light and comfortable to carry, this bag makes golf a breeze.


EWP Eco-Lite EWP stand bag features and storage

Similar to the cart bag counterpart, the Eco-Lite EWP stand bags have water-resistant fabric so that everything stays dry inside. It also comes with a rain hood as well as holders for an umbrella and accessories.

The design of the bag is nimble and with five pockets including an apparel and valuables pockets, you’ll have room for all the essentials while transporting your kit without any hiccups. There’s a handy hydration sleeve for you to store and have easy-access to your water bottle, and your clubs will be held securely in the 4-way divider.

This is a convenient way to organize your club by category so you know where everything is. This bag is also available with the premium 14-way divider option if you want to be rest assured your clubs won’t rattle together.


H2NO stand bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite stand bag
Sun Mountain H2NO Lite stand bag

Both these bags are both fantastic, but they’re just two examples of the quality range available from Sun Mountain. While it’s important to consider all the functions each bag has to offer, it’s also essential that you love the colour scheme and design, and that you feel good using it.

Other excellent cart bags from Sun Mountain to consider if you, each made for a specific purpose. For example, if you want a totally waterproof bag, the H2NO Lite stand bag is a fantastic choice.

Naturally, before you decide on buying a new bag, you’ll probably want to see what it’s like in person. We have lots of bags available right now in the pro shop. We’re always more than happy to help, so visit us the next time you’re at the club and we’ll talk you through all the bags we have available.

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