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Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges

Nick Hernon

The sleek, sharp look gives you confidence over the ball as well as the increased control at impact, which you can really feel when hitting these wedges.

ZipCore technology combines with UltiZip grooves for more spin and control in a consistent, repeatable way that you can trust shot after shot.

Key features and benefits:

  • ZipCore technology gives you more controlled, consistent spin
  • UltiZip grooves are sharper, deeper & narrower for more feel at contact, meaning added spin & control
  • A unique heat treatment process makes these wedges more durable
  • Higher MOI increases spin on every shot
  • Shifting the centre of gravity provides more stability

If you'd like to reap the rewards of Cleveland's outstanding spin and control, you can try them out and get fitted with us.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges


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